Cherry Herzog

Cherry Herzog, a Texas native with over 25 years in the health and fitness industry. She completed her first certification with Physical Mind in 1997 and in 1999 her formal Pilates training with Colleen Glenn at Goodbody’s Wellness Center in Dallas, Texas. She joined Peak Pilates in 2003 as a classical teacher trainer and presenter conducting certification courses and workshops locally and nationally. She is known and respected for her passion and dedication to excellence developing teachers from California to Florida and many states in between. For information on becoming a Peak Pilates certified instructor and courses,click here


 Scott Samford

Scott Samford is a born and raised Dallasite. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of North Texas. His desire for helping others inspired him to become a personal trainer in 2006. As his passion deepened, he realized the industry’s lack of holistically treating the body. He knew that a body out of balance was an unhealthy body. This awareness now drives his passion for Pilates. Scott was certified in the classical system through Peak Pilates in 2011. By applying the principles of Pilates, he has transformed his own body and is excited to help others see and feel the same change!


Mariann Peterson

Mariann is a California transplant bringing with her 15plus years of personal practice in Pilates and fitness. She is comprehensively trained and certified as a level 3 trainer through Peak Pilates.  Currently Mariann is midway through a eighteen month intensive course focusing on the most advanced training and techniques in classic Joseph Pilates, with emphasis on special needs of the body. She graduated from University of Arizona with a BS in Interior design which she enjoyed for many years. 


Lesley Snelson

Lesley Snelson first initiated her comprehensive Pilates certification while attending graduate school and completed her certification in 2000: “The Method: Shapes in Space”  which is Mat and Comprehensive Equipment Certification, now known as the Peak Pilates Certification. She then served as the Dance Conditioning / Pilates Coordinator for TWU Dance Department 2001-2004. As with any good steward of the Pilates method is always on quest to deepen her understanding of Pilates work so she began the Bridge Certification program with Power Pilates in 2005 and completed Mat and Level I. Following certifications include Redcord Suspension Training completed in 2011 through Get Reformed Pilates and certified by Pilates Method Alliance as a Certified Pilates Trainer in 2013.  She continuously engages in continuing education since 2000 through the Traditional Pilates community via “For Better Health” and “Power Pilates”.  Lesley is also a Professor of Dance at Collin College.